2017 Small is Beautiful

We are delighted what there was such a huge response to the COAST Arts 2017 Mixed Media Art Show and Competition. Artists really took it to their hearts and 61 entries were hung in The Art House Café (one of our treasured independent local businesses which ass to North Norfolk’s unique identity).

We were also delighted to have the backing of two major supporters of the arts with the prizes this year — Cowling & Wilcox and Phaidon, Every entry received two discount vouchers each and that free frame.

The prize for the winner was materials worth over £50 from Cowling & Wilcox and for the People’s Choice : Art and Place, a book from Phaidon worth over £50.

We would also like to thank our judge Brian Lewis who had a difficult job.

  • 1st prize Dolores Grace — Red Sails in the Sunset
  • 2nd prize Dot Cobley — Small World
  • 3rd prize CFR Bayer — Ghosts from the Past — The Birth of Poppyland