Edith Cavell

Coast Arts and Broad Horizons Theatre Company present

“Edith Cavell – Facing The Silence”

“Standing as I do in view of God and eternity, I realise that patriotism is not enough. I must have no hatred or bitterness towards anyone.”

Friday November 10th, 7.30, Cromer Community Hall

Edith CavellFrom the Company that brought “The Little Bit The Boys Admire – The Marie Lloyd Story”.   Broad Horizons Theatre Company presents this exciting play, written by John Mangan and performed by Judi Daykin – a life-affirming celebration of a woman whose trailblazing story will never be forgotten.

It is 1915. Norfolk nurse, Edith Cavell, has been captured by the Germans and accused of treason. She has faced sixty days of near solitary confinement, interrogation and now a trial. Surely the Germans will not execute a woman?

Yet, Edith Cavell is facing another trial, alone in her cell. Sixty days alone with the only person who knows who Edith Cavell really is – herself. Edith Cavell is facing the silence.

Set in Edith’s prison cell in the St Gilles Prison on Brussels, John Mangan’s new play explores the life and trial of this trailblazing woman. A pioneer of nursing training, with a strong sense of duty, Edith found herself trapped in an occupied country surrounded by an English hating German Military hierarchy.

“I have long admired Nurse Cavell’s actions and bravery,” said actor Judi Daykin “Many people have heard of Edith, but not so many realise just what a risk she took in her resistance work or how she protected allied soldiers and her trainee nurses. John’s play brings out the human cost of duty and sacrifice, not to mention Edith’s strong character and sense of humour, along with her life story. It’s fabulous piece of writing.”

“Audience reactions have been extremely positive, we have even had standing ovations,” added Director Rhett Davies. “It’s a very moving and entertaining piece of work.”

  • This play is both powerful and provoking” – Eastern Daily Press
  • John Mangan’s play has a real sense of momentum and dramatic tension …. Judi Daykin’s performance had a power and authenticity that was genuinely moving” – Diss Mercury
  • A tour de force performance” – Nick Miller, Historian and Cavell expert.
  • My heart is still thumping from your performance this evening at The Seagull Theatre” – CC, Lowestoft
  • Judi held us spellbound during the whole of her performance. It was emotionally charged and powerful, we both had tears in our eyes throughout the performance. “ – SB, Norwich.

See this moving play at Cromer Community Hall on Friday 10th November at 7.30pm.

Tickets, £9, at  coastarts.co.uk or on the door.

For further information please contact Judi Daykin on

01692 650821

07867 573065


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