Small is Beautiful – entries closed

art competirion

Calling all contestants in the Small Is Beautiful exhibition …….

We are really looking forward to seeing what you’ve done with the title and the frames.
Please deliver your work to The Art House Cafe by 17th October.
Please attach a label on the back of the frame with following information:

  • Title
  • Artist’s name
  • Price including commission of 20%
  • Medium

The exhibition opens on the Friday and runs until 29/10/17. Please collect any unsold work promptly after show.

All entrants will receive the discount voucher from our sponsor Cowling and Wilcox
Other prizes will be awarded on the night of the private view or posted out directly to winner.


We have sold all the frames 2d and 3d!


The Art House Cafe is a really stimulating venue to pause for delicious coffee and food, where the artwork changes regularly but the welcome remains consistent.  The view of the church from within and outside on the pavement is really impressive – so please, do still keep visiting.


It is an ongoing wonder just how diverse people’s creative expressions are when starting with a common title. With so many 3d as well as 2d frames taken, I have a sense that small is going to be beautiful!

Entries will be on display in the cafe during October half term.

art competition

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