• CROONalong


    By popular demand, GELO, the vocalist duo Angelo Bernal and Ryan Major who won last year’s North Norfolk’s Great Talent (#nngt), were back on Cromer Pier in April in a special show as part of Coast Arts @ Easter. The duo were joined by other acts from the contest to perform good old sing-a-long songs. “The ...

  • Shakespeare in 400

    Shakespeare in 400

    Arts North Norfolk are inviting people of all ages to submit a very short synopsis of a Shakespeare play – in 400 characters!

  • Coast Arts at Easter

    Coast Arts at Easter

    More than a week of art in the autumn half term, this year we’re putting our name to a number of art events across the year, starting at Easter in conjunction with the famous Cromer Pier Pavilion Theatre.

  • Coast Arts 2016 Art Competition

    Coast Arts 2016 Art Competition

    Call for entries | Quiet Revolution The annual Coast Arts art competition has become one of the key elements of the festival;  encouraging artists from across the spectrum the competition inspires both professional and amateur artists to create unique works for display, for sale and for fun! This year the theme for the 2016 competition is Quiet Revolution; ...

  • What are you waiting for?

    What are you waiting for?

    It’s that time of year when we are bringing together the events for this year’s Coast Arts festival. You’ve probably already seen that we’re doing things a bit different this year, a little revolution, in that we’re not locking ourselves into just the October half term, although that will remain our focus.

  • Coast Arts 2016 – a message from the new chair

    Coast Arts 2016 - a message from the new chair

    The theme for COAST 2016 is “Revolution”. In this spirit, and after 6 successful years, the Trustees of CASALF (Cromer & Sheringham Arts & Literary Festival, the legal name of the charity organising COAST events) is “revolutionising” its activities!

  • ChoirFest 2016

    ChoirFest 2016

    To celebrate the wealth of vocal music making in North Norfolk, Coast Arts are hosting an exciting evening of choir music in the famous Cromer Pavilion Pier Theatre.

  • CROONalong 2016

    CROONalong 2016

    a show at audiences who enjoy listening to the crooners with all those well known songs we can sing along to. The event will be compared by Arts North Norfolk CEO Joe Ballard

  • Coast Arts AGM 2016

    Coast Arts AGM 2016

    COASTArts A G M 19 February 2016 | 10.30 White Horse, Overstrand

  • Thank You 2015

    Thank You 2015

    The 6th Coast Arts Festival, 2015, couldn’t have happened without you – our THANKS go out to you for your support and your contributions. To the artists and artistes, observers and spectators, audiences and listeners, instructors and coaches, storytellers and narrators, singers and dancers, clowns and fools.