We Will Survive

We Will Survive

Ten Years On

So 10 years on and we thought perhaps that COAST had finally run its course. Was it time to put all the little fishes back in the rock pool and say farewell? Over the years we’ve braved the storms and had all hands to the pumps. We’ve lost a few crew along the way. Above all we’ve cast our nets wide, been fishers of all arts and always made it safely back to port, if a little battered at times.

We recently had our post-festival 2019 trustees meeting and were at the point of discussing perhaps an end to the decade’s hard work. However, because the festival was such a resounding success, despite all odds, we are refitting the old ship and going to set sail once more. Hopefully we will pick up some new crew in the different unexplored ports we intend to visit.

New Horizons

There are new plans afoot to do some even more joined up art. What this means is that we are going to start to work in partnership with other groups, some old and some new. As a result we will broaden our horizons and enable COAST to grow even more.

Consequently we hope to be staging more events throughout the year. The year will culminate in the festival which will encompass September and October. Moreover we are going to be putting on workshops to include art, photography and performing arts. We intend to concentrate on theatre, dance, music and song. Furthermore we hope to attract input from schools, children and young people.


This is probably going to take some time. Planning aside we need input from people with expertise to help us achieve our goals. For the reason that we are exploring some uncharted seas, we will need enthusiastic crew to assist us. If you have a particular interest in any form of art or performing art we’d love to hear from you. In particular theatre, dance, music and song. If you have links within the community with any arts group or school, we’d love to hear from you.

Clearly this is not going to happen overnight. Firstly COAST will be evolving and developing over 2020. We intend to develop a fuller new programme probably by 2021. As the current crew are all very enthusiastic it may begin to happen before then but we need your help and support. If you have any interest in the arts, have ideas, useful suggestions please get in touch. Moreover if you are willing to give up a little time to support our charity we want to hear from you.


There will be a consultation meeting on 31st January 10.30am at The Belfry, Overstrand. This will be where you will hear about our plans. More to the point its where are invited to have your say. If you are interested please get in touch. If you know someone else who may be interested, please tell them about this.

Thank you and Bon Voyage!

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